Dementia Care

What is Dementia Care?

Dementia Care is especially geared towards helping individuals with the management of Dementia. At Home Care Ottawa, we know extra special care is needed to help someone through their daily tasks when they are dealing with Dementia. We also know that there are many possible causes for Dementia and our Dementia clients often have other needs too.

The Benefits of Dementia Care

  • Familiarity: Dementia is scary and being in a place they know well really helps.
  • Patience: Our compassionate caregivers know Dementia is challenging.
  • Relief: More quality time can be spent together where you don’t have to worry about all of the medical stuff.
  • Customized: Home Care Ottawa tailors the care plan to you and is adapts to your changing needs.
  • Companionship:Your caregiver and you will have shared interests so you can feel comfortable.
  • Fitness: Both the mind and the body need exercise and Home Care Ottawa can help with both.

What Home Care Ottawa Offers

Home Care Ottawa’s caregivers provide specialized care for clients struggling with Dementia. When life is confusing and you’re forgetting things, the last thing you need is to be moved to a strange place. That’s why Home Care Ottawa believes strongly in caring for Dementia clients at home where they are surrounded by things that are comforting to them. Our exceptional caregivers work with Dementia clients to try and slow the progression of their cognitive impairment through our Cognitive Care Program.

Our Cognitive Care Advantage

Memories are precious things and Home Care Ottawa aims to help you keep them through our Cognitive Care Program. Combining personal assistance, memory care, companionship, and supervision, our specialized program is the best care available for Dementia management.

The truth is that millions deal with cognitive impairment and about 564,000 people in Canada have Dementia. Finding a caregiver that understands your unique needs can be a nightmare. Our compassionate and patient caregivers engage the mind and support cognitive abilities the way the clients needs them to.

Home Care Ottawa’s caregivers receive cognitive health and sensitivity training from experienced nurses that specialize in Cognitive Stimulation Therapy. Our Cognitive Care Program includes:

1. Assessment

Our Professional Health and Lifestyle Assessment allows us to find a place to start that we can measure against later. This is important so we can be sure we’re providing the right care.

2. Ongoing Care

Home Care Ottawa’s personalized plans are designed to meet the client’s medical needs learned during assessment and as they change. Our Cognitive Caregivers are trained to provide many types of care outside of their specialized cognitive therapy skills.

3. Follow-Up Visits

A follow-up session with our expert Cognitive Caregivers and the specialized nurse will happen within the first couple of weeks. We will answer any questions you may have, check the fit of the plan to client needs, and adjust the plan as needed. Home Care Ottawa aims to make a positive difference in the lives of those dealing with Dementia

Home Care Ottawa offers a wide range of In-Home Health Care Services in Ottawa. We serve people of all ages and with all types of health care needs. Our company is Fully Accredited and all our services are overseen by experienced Nurse Case Managers.

Whether you would like someone to clean your house, or you require 24/7 critical care, we will tailor our home care services for your needs, preferences & budget! Contact us today at (613) 319-0810 or at for a Free Nurse Consultation!

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