Personal Care Services

What is Personal Care?

Personal Care is help with personal hygiene in large part but has some overlap with our Nursing Care services. For many people, the simple task of brushing one’s teeth can be like climbing a mountain and remembering which pill to take when can be a nightmare. And many people are embarrassed that they need help with things like going to the bathroom. It can be really uncomfortable to have one’s children helping with such things.

The Benefits of Personal Care

  • Health: Prevents the spread of disease, reduces the risk of infections, and prevents pain.
  • Self-Esteem: Helps your loved one look and feel their best.
  • Acceptance: Helps prevent embarrassing accidents.
  • Affordable: Lower health care costs than hospitals and nursing homes.

What Home Care Ottawa Offers

At Home Care Ottawa, it’s a top priority to ensure our clients feel comfortable and dignified. We know it’s neither comfortable to have your child nor a stranger helping you with some daily activities, which is why we make sure you feel comfortable and trust your caregiver.

Our Personal Care Services include Morning Care, Bedtime Care, Exercise Support, Bathing Assistance, Bathroom Aid, Dressing Assistance, Medication Reminders, Skin Care, Personal Grooming, Oral Hygiene, Catheter Care, and Perineal Care.

Home Care Ottawa offers a wide range of In-Home Health Care Services in Ottawa. We serve people of all ages and with all types of health care needs. Our company is Fully Accredited and all our services are overseen by experienced Nurse Case Managers.

Whether you would like someone to clean your house, or you require 24/7 critical care, we will tailor our home care services for your needs, preferences & budget! Contact us today at (613) 319-0810 or at for a Free Nurse Consultation!

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