Cost Comparisons

Home Care Ottawa’s clients typically spend between $1500 and $2000 per month to live at home. Some spend as little as $80 per month.

Institutional Care Cost Breakdown:

Below is a breakdown showing the ranges of costs you can expect to pay in Ottawa if you choose another option such as Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Long-term Care.

Example of Cost Comparison between Home Care Ottawa and a Retirement Home:

Client requires 3 hours per day of Personal Care, help with meals, medication reminders.
Average Price of Retirement Home in Ottawa = $3500 per month (for one person).
Cost of hourly care = $29/hour.

Option 1 – Retirement Home:

Client moves to Retirement Home on one-year contract
Assume 1 hour per day of Personal Care included, 2 hours per day are charged
Meals included
= $3500 + (2 hours x 30 days x $29/hour)
= $3500 + $1740
= $5240

Option 2 – Ottawa Home Care:

Client hires Home Care Ottawa, remains in their own home, no contracts
Grocery bill for one person = $300/month
Utilities = $400/month
SmartLink System installed for emergencies = $40/month
= 3 hours x 30 days x $29/hour + $300 + $400 + $40
= $3350

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